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"Thank you Wil. It was really lovely to meet you too. I came away from the appointment feeling so much happier after you explained everything to me and that there are options available to me."

-Corrine - Glasgow - Scotland

"Thank you so much for being patient and taking the time to explain everything to me. It's a huge relief that my hair should come back as it I was. I think once I stop seeing the visible signs of what happened then it might start to get easier.
Hopefully next time I see you I won't be in the state I was in. I found it really hard coming back into town again and got so worked up. But I'm glad I managed to get into see you."

-MP - Scotland

"Thank you Wil, for your time and attention on Wednesday.
It was very helpful and reassuring to speak with you on a subject that has been a little worrying for some years and good to know that with luck, it won't get any worse.
I will speak to my hairdresser about using different hair dyes and hopefully that will solve the other small issue.
People tend not to talk about hair issues and worries but if any one does I will be happy to recommend your services."

-ED - Scotland

"Thank you for all your help regarding my hair loss.
I can see that it is starting to grow again and I realise that it will take some time to get back to it's original thickness. I will continue take the treatment that you recommended for me.
You have helped me tremendously through a very stressful period and I cannot thank you enough for reassuring me that that my situation would improve."

-LB - Scotland

"Thanks so much for this Wil. I feel so positive after our consultation. Have now sent the letter on to the doctor. Calling tomorrow to ensure they will write the prescription. I am so excited to be on my hair journey and know for sure this will have an impact on my general well-being."

-Fiona - Glasgow, Scotland

"I attended for a consultation with Wil at the Glasgow trichology clinic based on Buchanan street and honestly couldn't recommend him enough . Start to finish he was extremely professional, knowledgable and caring.

Wil went above and beyond during my consultation, and made sure he thoroughly researched and consulted with his colleges before giving me my final diagnosis a few days later, along with his notes explaining why he had come to this conclusion. I had asked if he could send me pictures of my scalp taken throughout the consultation and he duly did this.

Wil involved me in every single aspect of the consultation, making sure I understood why something appeared the way it did on my scalp, and truly went out of his way to make me as at ease as possible throughout my appointment. Nothing about it felt rushed and he outlined some next steps for me and suggested some other useful contacts that I might choose to get in touch with should I want to.

I did not attend for my initial appointment due to a last minute change in schedule , and forgot to contact the clinic beforehand to let them know and wil could not have been more understanding and accommodating about this - so his communication out with the consultation was also impeccable.

My overall experience of this clinic and specifically wil was absolutely fantastic - wil has an extensive knowledge of the scalp and hair and so clearly has a passion for what he does - and this simply could not have been more obvious throughout my experience at his clinic. Absolutely exceptional. Thank you so much again wil. "

-Stef, Glasgow, Scotland

"I suffer from ulcerative colitis and had a severe flare with serious complications last year. My hair stopped growing then after a few months most of it fell out. My gp and consultant couldn't give me a definite cause and, perhaps being male, didn't seem to understand the distress it was causing me. I visited Will in Glasgow and he straight away put me at ease and was totally understanding. At that point my hair was at its worst and I couldn't go out without a hat covering my head. Will did tests on my hair to ascertain the cause of the problem and viewed it under a microscope showing me how sparse and fine my hair was. (I normally have a head of thick hair). I went back a few weeks later and he said that the results of the tests showed that the main cause was due to lack of iron caused by considerable loss of blood over a period of time. I was taking iron tablets, but it took quite a few months for my blood count and iron levels to return to normal. Will gave me information on what he insisted wasn't "hair loss" as he said it would return. He advised on diet and was able to show me under the microscope that new hair (much stronger) was starting to come through. That was such a huge relief and very reassuring. Sure enough within a short time I noticed that I was losing much less hair and the new hair was much stronger. I can't praise Trichology Scotland highly enough for the compassionate, professional manner that they dealt with my problem and would recommend them to anyone else suffering a similar problem."

-Helen, Ayr, Scotland

"For the last year and a half, I have been suffering from a very tender scalp and hair loss. I understand that as you get older your hair thins out a bit but not as much as I’ve been losing. It is very distressing and at times has reduced me to tears especially since my Doctors and Dermatologist haven’t shown much interest. I felt if I didn’t get help quickly my greatest fear of going bald would materialise. It was at this point I was introduced to Wil and this delightful gentleman has given me hope again. I have found someone who shows great compassion and empathy towards my very sensitive situation. During my first consultation, Wil discussed my hair and scalp problems at length along with how important diet effects one’s hair. He requested I had bloods taken so he could examine the results and my next visit will include an examination of my scalp under a microscope. I am looking forward to my next appointment and can’t thank Wil enough for his caring and professional manner. I would recommend Wil and Trichology Scotland to anyone suffering from similar conditions."

-Sheena, Falkirk, Scotland

"I was very impressed with the way I was treated by Will, Margaret and the team today. They were so warm and friendly and immediately put me at my ease. Margaret was especially marvellous. She made a very thorough investigation of my diet, lifestyle and hormones and explained how to make the necessary adjustments to help improve my hair. She was very informative and obviously very knowledgeable which gave me complete confidence in her abilities. It was especially nice that - for the first time in 5 years - someone with the proper knowledge examined my hair and scalp and took a genuine interest and concern in something that has caused me great anxiety. After my consultation I felt fabulous and able to take on Beyonce...;-) Just wish they were in Inverness!"

-Zoe, Inverness, Scotland

"From the initial consultation Margaret was professional, knowledgeable and polite. She was quick to diagnose my condition and made me feel at ease when suggesting a course of treatment. I’ve been more than happy with the final results and there is a noticeable difference to my hair. Thank you Trichology Scotland!"

-Graeme, Glasgow, Scotland

"I had a consultation with Trichology Scotland, as my hair was thinning which was really getting me down. After their advice and treatment I am absolutely delighted with the results, and the plan was easy to follow. They made me feel comfortable to discuss my concerns with out embarrassment which as a guy was important to me. I need a hair cut more often now."

-David, Aberdeen, Scotland

"It’s been great seeing the improvement in my husband’s self esteem since his consultation with Margaret and the commencement of his treatment. He’s much happier within himself and there is definitely a clear improvement in the appearance of his hair. Would highly recommend this clinic."

-Paula , Glasgow, Scotland

"My 9 year old daughter has been suffering with significant hair loss for the past 4 months and it has been a very distressing time for us. It was such a relief to meet Wil, who was able to diagnosis my daughters condition and could pin point what had caused the hair loss. Wil was very knowledgeable and informative. He made my daughter feel at ease and gave us both advice on nutrition and recommended hair products to use. I would not hesitate to recommend Wil and his team to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Thank you Trichology Scotland."

-Mairie, Glasgow, Scotland

“I visited a Trichology Scotland clinic, in which I felt very comfortable. They really put me at ease throughout as I was so nervous. They were really thorough and it was very apparent their Trichologist's have a vast amount of knowledge and were really great at explaining what was going on ….even drawing me a diagram :) I am so happy now as I feel a real difference, especially within myself I feel more confident and I am not obsessing about my worries anymore. Looking forward to my follow up appointment. Thanks guy's."

-Cath, Stonehaven, Scotland

“When I went to see Trichology Scotland I was really self conscious of my thinning hair, especially on top and the front. I found them  very thoughtful of my feelings, dealing with me compassionately but professionally as they knew exactly how much my hair bothered me. To get a diagnosis was great and at least I know now what I am dealing with. Trichology Scotland were brilliant, great at explaining everything and I can’t recommend them enough."

-Jenn, Dundee, Scotland

“Trichology Scotland are very professional and understands the sensitivity around hair pulling (trichotillosis). They are easy to talk to, very supportive and appreciate how difficult this condition can be. I would high recommend Trichology Scotland to anyone struggling with hair issues."

-Lynn, Angus, Scotland

"I visited Margaret from your Stirling clinic recently and was very impressed by both her knowledge and professionalism. She explained everything in great detail and I have every confidence that following her instructions is going to give me the results that I so desperately want."

-Ewan, Stirling, Scotland

"The information you have provided is really interesting and useful. I also just wanted to give you a wee update on how things are going. The difference in my scalp is amazing! I've been putting the gel on and leaving it overnight and using the shampoo in the morning as you recommended and it has almost entirely healed my scalp with just a few dry patches left. I'm still using the gel and shampoo but sparingly. My scalp feels great, and I’m so delighted with the difference after living with this condition for as long as I can remember. Thanks very much Trichology Scotland!."

-Elaine, Glasgow, Scotland

Thank you so much Wil, for taking the time to listen to my concerns and to diagnose the issues I've been having. I've came away from the appointment feeling much better.
Laura - Plean - Scotland

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