The Analysis of Clients Stress Levels throughout Scotland

High levels of cortisol can cause your hair to thin, get your stress levels professionally analysed by the team at Trichology Scotland.

We work with clients throughout Scotland, to provide expert stress level analysis, swiftly identifying your levels of stress and what measures to take to avoid hair loss. 

Our team are experts in their field and are professional, qualified, and credible for the work that they complete.

Our Service

Our laboratory will test the levels of cortisol in your hair, producing a timeline of the levels in your system in the previous days, weeks, and months. This will allow us to effectively identify what is causing different hair loss issues.

The Technique

We will take samples of your hair either at a clinic visit or through the post, using two or three measurements over a 6- to 9-month period to measure the cortisol levels.

Contact us for the stress level analysis we provide for clients in Glasgow, Lanarkshire.