Our Story

How It All Started

Trichology Scotland was founded when Wil Fleeson with his friend and colleague Margaret Simpson became aware of the lack of access to specialist, fully qualified and accredited Trichologists with in Scotland . On opening the clinics they found themselves facing many questions, such as:

  • “Why am I Losing My Hair?”
  • “Why Is My Scalp So Itchy?”
  • ”Should I Be Concerned That My Hair Is Thinning?”

Wil comments, "It became evident that our clients were struggling to get professional answers to their questions, and that they felt their concerns weren't being treated seriously with care and empathy."

Qualifications and Registration

"Gaining a qualified and recognised understanding in the 'science & biology' of hair and scalps, and having a accurate and detailed knowledge of the fundamental  aspects that can create hair growth and skin issues was critical to us. Delivering the correct knowledge and understanding to provide honest, credible answers and solutions to our clients concerns is key."


"Knowledge, Ethics & Empathy is the corner stone of Trichology Scotland."


 Wil and Margaret are recognised, qualified trichologists, and members of the Association of Registered Trichologists. Passing their exams with distinction.

On the journey to a trichology qualification, they studied with some of the UK’s finest educators in the fields of haematology, nutrition, dermatology, and microscopy. They attended additional seminars at the University of Bedfordshire to develop a broader understanding of the correlation between hair loss and scalp conditions and the biology of the body.

Focus On Helping Our Clients

"We have launched Trichology Scotland to offer all of our clients that visit, accurate information, understanding and emotional support. 

This has become our mission!"


"We clearly understand the trauma, upset, and anxiety that can be felt suffering from hair loss or scalp health. Because after meeting clients, face to face feeling this way and wanting to help them, began our journey!"


Strong ethics and credibility are the backbone of our trichologists. A holistic approach will be taken to any diagnosis as we discover through our skills of consultation and information, the root cause of any concerns.


 Value is crucial to us, and our consultation plan reflects this.  We will commit to spending many hours researching, on your behalf, to assist in delivering a hypothesis after your initial consultation with your trichologist.

Contact us now, in Glasgow and Stirling to discover more about the journey taken by our trichologists.