Trichologists Providing Personalised Hair Replacement Systems for me in Glasgow

At Trichology Scotland, we only use the highest quality hair and equipment, and understand that everyone’s needs are different, therefore, we look at every client’s needs individually and pride ourselves on being imaginative and thinking outside of the box. We do not have one set method of application and fitting. Why have beautiful hair when you can have the best hair for you. This ensures that everyone is individual, retaining attention to detail and personalisation.

What Is an Integrated System?

This is a form of bespoke, tailor-made hair enhancement or replacement system which is integrated into your own hair to suit your individual needs. Essentially, this is a technique that is built on your head, assuring the perfect fit.


This can be from as small as a 10p piece to a fully integrated system, at any shape required.

Who Is a Replacement System for?

Hair replacement systems are for everyone of any age, and lifestyle choice. Those in the processes of or those in the completion of a transgender journey are invited and welcomed. At Trichology Scotland all clients are embraced the same.

What Is Needed for a System

Some biological hair is needed for certain types of system, but not for all. Your technician will talk this over with you during your consultation. If you require a partial system, then this can be custom made to any shape or size. With all our systems, the colour and style of colour, i.e. blend of highlights, balayage, and other colour techniques, can be accurately matched or changed if you desire. You can choose the hairstyle and colour you have always dreamed of having.

Why We Are Different

As Trichologists, for some people, we look at systems as a form of treatment. At times this can be a temporary solution for others a lifetime option. The added benefit from our trichology education is that we combine our expertise in trophological knowledge along with hair replacement. This allows us to track, monitor, and document your hair loss progress and hopefully recovery. This can be done during your maintenance visits. We can offer a package to combine the two skills, a price for this can be discussed during your consultation as, again, everyone has individual needs.


Not only will you receive the highest quality of hair with Trichology Scotland, you will also receive the highest quality of care, consultation, and direction on selecting your colour and hairstyle. Attention to detail is one of our key strengths, having worked with leaders in the hairdressing, fashion, and consultancy industry. We pay specific attention to eye tone, skin tone, face shape, lifestyle, and, importantly, your hair styling capabilities. All this will be taken into consideration and discussed during your consultation, allowing you to have hair that complements and works for you in all aspects.


As we cater for all sizes, shapes, and variations in technique for your new hair, and along with the fact that they are completely tailored to individual needs, costs vary considerably. This is due to the time each different type of system takes and the amount of hair needed. The cost will be discussed in great depth during your consultation, along with your follow up appointment for maintenance frequency, costs, and commitment level. Again, this all comes down to an individual.

The Process

We offer a complimentary telephone consultation with Margaret or Wil and after this, you are invited to schedule an appointment for a longer consultation. In this consultation, we will look to:

  • Answer All Your Questions in More Depth 
  • Talk Through the Application Process 
  • Allow You to See and Feel the Quality of the Hair 
  • Show You All the Tools That Will Be Used, Allowing You to Be Completely Prepared 
  • Talk over Relevant Paper Work That Shall Be Filled out
  • Discuss the Cost and Maintenance 
  • Schedule Your Integration System Appointment

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required on scheduling your appointment.


We understand that sometimes life happens and for reasons out of your control, it results in you not being able to attend your appointment. Your deposit will, unfortunately, not be refunded, although all hair purchased on your behalf will be reserved and the remaining balance will not be due until your treatment is completed. 

Please note that, unfortunately, there will be restrictions on how many missed appointments are allowed. This is due to the fact that many hours will be scheduled in for your appointment and replacement system appointments are in high demand.

Your Consultation and Fitment Appointment

You are more than welcome to bring along a loved one for your visits but please keep in mind that the application of your new hair can take up to 10 hours in some cases, therefore it is not advisable to bring along young children.

About Your Technician

Margaret has 25 years in the hair industry, achieving the high accolade of a multi-award-winning stylist. These awards are inclusive of styling, cutting, and Schwarzkopf master colour expert, along with being one of the first in Britain to obtain her qualification in Trichology.

As well as a wealth of knowledge in the field of hair loss and scalp concerns, trichology has also given Margaret a great empathy and understanding of the emotional attachment that suffering from hair loss can bring not only to those going through hair loss but also their loved ones too.

Contact one of our expert trichologists for the hair replacement systems we provide for men in Glasgow, Lanarkshire.