Providing Professional Blood Test Analysis in Scotland

The quality of your blood components are crucial to the health and quality of your hair, entrust the analysis of your readings to the professionals at Trichology Scotland. 

Based in Glasgow and Stirling, our experts are certified to read blood test results in relation to hair generation, before offering advice on how to improve the health of your hair. Blood analysis is included in our consultation fee.

Our team are experts in their field and are professional, qualified, credible. We take time and care to talk you through the numbers of your haematology results and the significance of these results for your hair density.

Our Analysis Service

We analyse blood readings in relation to the health of your hair and scalp, and we will explain the critical difference between 'Normalisation' and 'Optimisation' of your results, before giving guidance on how to improve the blood numbers and the thickness and density of your hair. 

Healthy hair grows from the inside-out!

 Your hair follicle is fed directly by your cardiovascular system. With this in mind we will explain how your individual biology affects the growth of your hair and the quality of your blood, and how this can be  directly linked to some forms of hair loss. 

Our team can read results from NHS tests, but if required we have access to private haematology laboratories.

Contact us for the blood readings we analyse for clients in Glasgow and Stirling.