Here for you are my 10 top foods for healthy hair and scalp.

We are what we eat!

We've all heard it so many times, but for you to have luscious dense hair and healthy scalp, it could not be any more accurate.
This is why our Trichologists have studied and received certification in nutrition with some of the U.K's top experts.

Here for you are 10 top foods for healthy hair and scalp.

1. Salmon; rich in protein, vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. Our body can't make the fatty acids it needs to grow healthy hair.
It is reported that omega-3 can significantly reduce hair loss. Other clinical studies found that lack of omega-3 can lead to opaque and dry looking hair which in turn can end in dandruff or an itchy scalp. Omega-3 contributes to lubricating hair follicles and so add elasticity and brightness to your hair.

2. Walnuts; only nut with significant amount omega-3. Rich in biotin and vitamin E helping protect our cells from DNA damage.
Vitamin E has been dubbed “the skin, hair, and nails vitamin” and it’s easy to see why! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties.

3. Oysters; rich in zinc, a lack of which can lead to hair loss, as well as dry flaky scalp. 3 oz's of oysters provides 493% of our daily value.
Zinc has shown a positive effect on men’s and women’s hair quality. It improves hair growth and aids in regrowth for lost hair strands.

4. Sweet potatoes; great source of beta carotene which the body turns into vitamin A.
Basically every cell in our body cannot function without vitamin A. It also helps protect and produce the oils that sustain the scalp. Low vitamin A can leave us with a dry dandruff sensitive scalp.

5. Eggs; great source of protein. Eggs are loaded with 4 key minerals: zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron.
Iron's especially important, because it helps carry oxygen to hair follicles, and too little (anemia) is a major source of hair loss in women, men and children.

6. Spinach; the iron, beta carotene , folate, and vitamin C in spinach helps keep hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating.
Vitamin C has antioxidants within it that helps our body take more Iron into the blood. Hair loss is one of the most visible evidence of iron deficiency. So by having vitamin C, may stop further hair loss

7. Lentils; Tiny but mighty! Teeming with protein, iron, zinc, biotin.Protein is particularly involved in healthy hair.
Keratinocytes are responsible for making keratin, a type of protein essential to hair growth. If you do not take in enough in your diet, hair loss can occur or hair can become dull and brittle

8. Greek yoghurt; high in vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid , an ingredient often found in hair care products) and vitamin D. Emerging data links vitamin D to healthy hair follicles.
Vitamin B-5, or pantothenic acid, is an essential vitamin for hair growth and health. All of the B vitamins help your body process and use what you eat, thereby nourishing your hair follicles

9. Blueberries; super fruit rich in vitamin C, which is critical for circulation to scalp and supports the capillaries that feed the follicles.
Too little vitamin C can cause hair breakage.

10.Poultry; amazing protein and zinc, iron and B vitamins. Giving the building blocks for amazing hair.
Amino acids are often described as ‘the building blocks of protein.’ Around one fifth of the human body is made up of protein, which is an essential component for strong hair.

Now...... We're sure everyone will find something delicious from that little lot.

This blog was written by Wil Fleeson ART, Founder of TrichologyUK and Trichology Scotland


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